New Canadian
Men's Collection

summer 2024


Designs that fit our times - produced with responsibility and care for people and nature


Quality should be more enduring than the weather. Contemporary designs, the selective choice of materials and the best craftsmanship. This is how New Canadian guarantees sustainability through quality and durability.


62304N 6165
31441N 6114

Adaptable and carefree

Our carefully developed styles adapt flexibly to the changing weather and also the demands of your customers. Lightweight, high-quality materials combined with outstanding thermal properties and designs that fit our times.

31422N 6104
31447N 6118
31433N 6120


Summery light in trendy colours - functional with style. The clever designs of the New Canadian collection can be enjoyed whatever the weather. The outlook for Spring/Summer 2024 looks good!

31421N 6124
31426N 6103
31444N 6117
31440N 6102
31441N 6114
31426N 6103
31432N 6102
31421N 6124
21460N 6124
31444N 6117
31423N 6122

Our philosophy - Values you can rely on

Design – the first step.

Sustainability begins with design. We therefore stand for contemporary, consistent design with modern, and highly functional materials.

Quality - the benchmark.

For us, quality does not only mean good craftsmanship and first-class materials. Quality is our benchmark at all stages of production. From the well thought out design at our location in Westphalia to the production with proven partners in Vietnam and Europe.

Responsibility – towards people and the environment.

The sustainable use of resources and social responsibility for our employees are elementary, certificated basic values for us. We also demand this from our production and trade partners.